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How Often Do You Need Home Window Replacement?

Are you thinking about scheduling a window replacement in Joliet, IL? Smart thinking.

Home window replacement in Joliet, IL, can easily increase your home’s value whether you’re installing wood or vinyl windows.

Window installation in Joliet, IL, should also be done regularly to conserve energy and keep your home secure. Let’s explore how often you need to replace your Joliet windows with the help of a provider of window installation services in Joliet, IL.

Home Window Replacement in Joliet, IL

The lifespan of residential windows is 15 years to 20 years. This means if your home is at least 15 years to 20 years old and you haven’t replaced the windows, you’re due for window installation services.

Why Choose Window Installation Services in Joliet, IL

Once windows reach 15 years to 20 years of age, their seals begin to fail or weaken. This leaves your home open to water seepage and outside air.

Also, the single-pane window was the standard around 15 years ago. However, this type of window lacks insulation. It is also less energy-efficient than the modern double-pane window.

Let’s explore several signs you need to replace your windows right away.

Replace Joliet Windows With Visible Damage

A major indicator you need window replacement is visible window damage or cracks. If you don’t replace these windows, they might break.

This will leave your home vulnerable to serious damage, such as pests and mold. It may also make it easier for an intruder to enter your home if the damage is noticeable.

By getting your damaged windows fixed right away, you can more easily protect your family and avoid costlier repairs later.

Save With Window Installation in Joliet, IL

Another sign you need to replace your home’s windows is if you notice your utility bill rising slowly over time.

Window drafts (more on drafts later) will cause your home’s air to escape. This means your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system has to run more to keep the house at your desired temperature.

This will drive up your electric bill, potentially making it 25% higher than normal (the equivalent of more than $2,000 a year).

Replacing older windows with energy-efficient windows will help you lower your electric bill. It will also help you lengthen your HVAC system’s life.

Replace Windows When Furniture Fades

Yet another sign you need window replacement services is if you notice your home’s furniture or carpet fading.

When decor, rugs, carpet, and furniture are exposed to sunlight through old windows, their colors can grow dull. New windows with ultraviolet protection can prevent this from happening. These modern windows are known as low-emissivity, or low-E, windows.

Low-E windows are covered with a film designed to keep solar heat and ultraviolet rays from entering the glass. This will not only prevent fading but also keep your house cooler in the summer.

Replace Windows You Can’t Open Easily

Having trouble opening or closing your windows? You may need to replace them.

This is particularly true if you’ve cleaned the windows and tried to fix them several times over the years but to no avail. Stuck windows can be frustrating to deal with and may remain stuck open. This will expose your house to outside debris and the elements.

Replace Drafty Windows

You should also schedule a window replacement if your windows have become drafty.

Drafty windows will let the air you are paying to keep cool each month seep out and will let the humid, hot air outside into your home. This will make your house feel less comfy and perhaps even more humid than normal.

You can check for window drafts by closing your window, locking it, and placing your hand near the window sash’s top or bottom area. The sash is the window part that fits inside your window frame and holds the window’s glass.

If you can feel air entering your home, you have a draft issue.

Replace Windows When You See Moisture

A window replacement is necessary if you notice condensation on your window’s inside area as well. This is a sign your window is leaking air or your house is humid.

What if you see condensation between your triple-pane or double-pane window’s panes? This is a sign of a failing seal, which will cause your insulating gas to escape.

Note that condensation on your window’s outside area isn’t a problem. This simply means it is more humid and warmer outside. However, if you see condensation anywhere else on your window, schedule a window installation replacement as soon as possible.

Replace Windows That Don’t Block Sound

Finally, it’s time to replace your home’s windows if you notice your windows do not dampen sound like they used to.

Perhaps you live close to train tracks, venues, or a bustling intersection. Maybe you have loud neighbors. Modern triple-pane or double-pane windows can help block these sounds since they come with additional insulation.

Choose Window Replacement in Joliet, IL

Home window replacement in Joliet, IL, is necessary if your windows are 15 years to 20 years old. That’s when your Joliet windows are likely to fail, allowing water and air in.

Signs you need window installation in Joliet, IL, include visible window damage, higher utility bills, and fading furniture. You should also replace windows that are drafty and hard to open.

At Will County Siding and Windows, we take pride in offering high-quality window installation services in Joliet, IL. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and schedule service today!