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9 Tips for Hiring Window Installation Services in Joliet, IL

There are now over 18,000 window installation professionals across the US. Before scheduling window installation services in Joliet, IL, it helps to have a plan. Otherwise, you could choose an installer who lacks the window options or expertise you need.

Here are nine tips that can help you find home window replacement in Joliet, IL. With these tips, you can feel more confident you’re choosing an experienced team.

Start searching for window installation services today!

1. Gather Referrals

Simplify your search by speaking with homeowners in Joliet, IL who were once in your shoes. Ask if they can recommend a window installation company. If they hired a window contractor in the past year, ask about their experience with their contractor.

Prepare a list of questions you want to ask ahead of time to learn more about each homeowner’s experience. For example:

  • Did the window contractor arrive on time
  • Were they professional and knowledgeable
  • Do they offer a range of window options
  • Did you have issues with the contractor
  • How much did their services cost
  • Are you satisfied with the project’s outcome

Their firsthand accounts can help you gather information about each company that’s likely not online. With their help, you can find a reliable company worthy of your trust. You can also avoid hiring a company homeowners have experienced issues with. 

2. Consider Experience

If you’re unable to gather referrals, search for “window replacement Joliet IL” online to build your own list of options. Check each company’s Better Business Bureau page to determine how long they’ve operated in Joliet.

Find a team with years of hands-on experience. An established business has likely won the respect and trust of locals in Joliet. They’re less likely to have issues with billing, scheduling, and other operational concerns.

Meanwhile, you can feel confident knowing an experienced team will install your new windows properly.

Improperly installed windows could cause energy efficiency issues as air seeps in and out of your home. 

3. Check Credentials

Confirm that each window installation company on your list is licensed, insured, and bonded. 

Licensed companies complete the necessary training and have the proper qualifications to offer high-quality services.

A company that’s insured will protect you financially if there’s property damage, injuries, or other accidents. 

If the company refuses to provide proof that they’re licensed and insured, keep searching. 

4. Review Products

If your windows are old or damaged, air from outside can slip in, while air within your home can slip out. In fact, heat loss and gain through residential windows are responsible for 30% of your annual energy use. Requesting new windows can improve your energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Before choosing Joliet windows, talk to each company about their product line.

Some companies will recommend you replace your windows in their existing frame. Others will recommend you replace the windows entirely. If you plan to replace your windows, consider the types of windows and features you want for your home.

Your window contractor might ask you about:

  • Glazing
  • Operation types
  • Frame types
  • Gas fills and spacers

For example, your window contractor might recommend ENERGY STAR-certified windows. Check for NFRC labels (which outline energy performance ratings), too.

Gas-filled windows with low e-coatings and low u-factor (for thermal resistance) are ideal for colder climates.

Windows with coatings are ideal for warmer clients, as they reduce heat gain.

Check for low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), which measures solar radiation admitted through windows. These options reduce heat gain in warmer climates.

For both cold and hot seasons, check for windows with low u-factors and low SHGCs. These windows can help maximize energy savings.

Your contractor should walk you through the pros and cons of each option before installing windows to ensure they meet your needs. 

5. Explore Services

Before scheduling home window replacement in Joliet, IL, ask each company about the services they offer. In addition to window replacement services, they might help with siding, gutters, and roofing.

Finding a team that offers a range of services can help you simplify your home renovation projects. 

6. Request Photos and Reviews

Every company will try to convince you that they’re the best in the business. Instead of taking their word for it, ask for proof. Request photos and client reviews from each company.

Reviewing the company’s portfolio will help you determine if they’re capable of meeting your expectations. Client reviews can help you find a reputable company in Joliet.

Choose a company that prioritizes their customers by offering the highest quality service.

7. Learn About Customization

Before scheduling window installation in Joliet, IL, ask each company about their customization options. Most companies on your list will only offer the same, basic windows. Instead, choose a company that can customize their services and offerings based on your needs.

For example, you might want to choose windows that are unique in their shape or size. Maybe you want to choose styles that suit your home renovations. 

Customizations can involve paint or stain colors, trim, or hardware.

If the company doesn’t offer customization options that suit your project goals, keep searching. Choose a company that will work with you to ensure you’re getting what you want from their services. 

8. Compare Costs

Ask more than one company for an itemized list of their services. Get an itemized list of their window products, too. Then, compare your options.

Comparing quotes from more than one company in Joliet will help you determine the local average. If one company’s pricing is higher than the rest, determine why.

Ask each company if they offer financing options. 

9. Ask About Warranties

Ask each company on your list about their warranty. What happens if you’re unsatisfied with their work? 

Your windows are an investment. If something goes wrong, finding a company that offers an extended warranty can give you peace of mind. 

Find the Best Window Installation Services in Joliet, IL Today

Don’t schedule window installation services in Joliet, IL without vetting your options. Instead, use these tips to find a window contractor you can trust. Their high-quality services will ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

With their help, you can start installing windows without stress!

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