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Storm Damage? How to Assess and Repair Your Siding

A Guide to Siding Repair After Storm Damage

If you live in Illinois for one storm season, you’ll likely experience at least one severe thunderstorm, maybe even a tornado. In the aftermath of a weather event, you may encounter damage to your home’s siding. Identifying and addressing damaged siding promptly is critical to maintaining your home’s structural integrity.  Whether you’re a new or seasoned […]

Vertical Siding vs. Horizontal Siding: Which is the Right Fit for Your Joliet Home

Vertical Siding vs. Horizontal Siding: Which is the Right Fit for Your Joliet Home

When planning on giving your home an exterior makeover, all decisions you make impact not just your home’s appearance but also its functionality. It’s like picking the perfect ingredients for a recipe—you want to pick something that looks good and stands the test of time. Which raises the question, vertical siding vs horizontal siding, which […]

4 Benefits of Sealing Your Garage Door

4 Benefits of Sealing Your Garage Door

Your garage doors are one of the main gateways into your home. And without the proper defenses, it can expose your living space to the elements and unwanted intruders. You might be thinking, “This doesn’t concern me. My garage door comes equipped with weather seals.” As it turns out, the sealing on garage doors wears […]

What Causes Warped Vinyl Siding

What Causes Warped Vinyl Siding

Beautiful, durable, and low maintenance, vinyl siding is a popular choice for homeowners in Joliet, Illinois. With proper maintenance, vinyl siding may protect your home from the elements for decades. However, even the most well-kept siding in Joliet, IL, may become susceptible to one common problem—warping.  Warped vinyl siding is not only an eyesore; it […]

Is It Too Cold for Home Siding Replacement in Joliet?

Home Siding Replacement in Joliet

Is your home ready to stave off the winter cold? As the winter rolls around, the cold conditions will put your home’s sidings to the test. Upgrading or replacing old sidings can help lower your heating bills while keeping your household warm and toasty.  But can you install siding in the winter? Here’s what you […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Gutters for Your Home

Our Guide to Choosing Gutters for Your Home

Are your gutters ready to take on the next rainy season? Choosing the right gutters for your home is not just about functionality but also about enhancing the aesthetics and longevity of your property.  Join us as we explore different gutter types and their pros and cons to determine which best suits your needs. Gutter […]

2024 Residential Siding Trends to Look Out for In Illinois

Modern Home Siding Trends 2024

Are you a homeowner in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, with an eye for modern home siding? If you’re looking to elevate your residence’s curb appeal and protection, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will share insights on the residential siding trends taking Illinois by storm. Whether you reside in Joliet, IL, […]

Top 10 Joliet Windows and Siding Reviews

Joliet windows installation

Are you a Joliet homeowner in search of top-notch window and siding services to enhance the beauty and efficiency of your home? Look no further! Will County Siding and Windows has been serving customers for over 40 years in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, including the vibrant community of Joliet, Illinois.  Don’t just take our […]

How to Winterize A House in Joliet

How to Winterize Your House with Gutter Protection

As winter approaches in Joliet, Illinois, ensuring your home is energy-efficient becomes a top priority. The brisk winds and cold temperatures in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago can strain your heating system and your wallet. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to prepare your home for the chilly months ahead. And it all begins […]

Joliet’s Guide to Choosing Energy-Efficient Windows

Man working to install energy-efficient windows for winter in Joliet

Once winter officially makes its presence known, it can get quite chilly up in the north to northwestern side of Chicago. Since the season is still a good month or so away, now’s the perfect time to seal your home against the frigid months ahead.  Are you contemplating upgrading your windows in the beautiful northwest […]