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Vertical vs. Horizontal Siding Installation – Which One is Right For You?

vertical or horizontal siding can be installed on your home

Siding is an important component of any house. The type of siding you get can make or break the home’s exterior. Particular siding can offer different looks as well as vary in costs. Vertical and horizontal siding are some options you can choose when replacing your old siding or choosing siding for a new home […]

6 Reasons Why Your Vinyl Siding is Warping

siding installation can impact whether it will warp

For many homeowners, vinyl siding is a popular option for protecting the exterior of the house. The reason behind your vinyl siding warping can come from a myriad of reasons, and figuring out which one is paramount in getting it fixed correctly. Not only is it incredibly affordable, but it is also versatile and very […]

5 Reasons Why Siding is Important For Your Home

new siding installation can help save you on energy costs

Above all else, siding protects your home. Without Joliet, IL siding, the house could be exposed to damage by severe weather such as wind, rain, snow, and more. In addition, proper siding installation can add an aesthetic to the home’s exterior. Maintaining the overall quality and appearance of your home is very important. If damaged, […]

4 Signs It Is Time for a Window Replacement in Joliet, IL

4 Signs It Is Time for a Window Replacement in Joliet, IL

Windows are a crucial part of any home. They give a house a unique aesthetic and can be used for functional purposes such as letting in the fresh air in the summer or sunshine to keep a room warm in the winter. Regardless of their use, they are important, meaning it is good to know […]