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new siding installation can help save you on energy costs

5 Reasons Why Siding is Important For Your Home

Above all else, siding protects your home. Without Joliet, IL siding, the house could be exposed to damage by severe weather such as wind, rain, snow, and more. In addition, proper siding installation can add an aesthetic to the home’s exterior.

Maintaining the overall quality and appearance of your home is very important. If damaged, it is important to replace the siding of your house quickly to ensure maximum protection. Read on to discover more about the importance of siding!

Why Siding is Important For Your Home

Homeowners tend to overlook the importance of siding and its upkeep; however, it can be vital for weather protection and enhancing curb appeal. New siding can add a variety of features to the home, including the following.

Protection from Weather

As previously stated, siding is crucial to protecting the home from inclement weather. If siding becomes too worn down, dented, or chipped, air and water can infiltrate the home. In addition, weather issues can severely damage the home’s foundation, which may lead to more expensive problems down the line.

Pest Infestation Protection

If the siding of your home becomes damaged, bugs and other pests can likely infiltrate the home. While this may not seem severe at first, it can also cause more costly damage if the pests begin breaking down the foundation or interior aspects of the house. In addition to protection, siding serves as protection from these pests, small birds, and other unwelcome critters that may find a home in your house.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most critical features of siding that is often overlooked is energy savings. Siding can be an effective means of insulation for your house. While some siding products are better than others, siding that is worn down can cause a significant decrease in energy efficiency. Air leaks put more stress on heating and air conditioning systems, eventually raising a costly bill. With new siding installation for your home, you can save hundreds on energy costs each year.

Home Appearance

Besides the physical protection that enhanced siding adds to the home, it also adds an aesthetic appeal. If there have been decades of wear outside of your house, the siding is most likely breaking down. Not only can this be an eyesore for your neighbors, but it can also be one for you. With new and enhanced siding, your home can enhance the community’s curb appeal.

Home Value

siding is important for your homeYour home’s value depends a lot on both the interior and exterior aesthetics as well as function. Even if you are not planning on selling right away, maintaining your home for when you do sell is important. Joliet, IL siding plays a vital role in the overall value of the home. Damaged siding can significantly decrease the home’s overall price. Having a worn-down property makes it tricky to sell your home for as much as it could be worth. Maintaining it can be costly upfront but pays off in the long run when it is time to sell.

Types of Siding

At this point, you have seen the benefits of upkeep and replacing your home siding. Whether for aesthetics or functionality, keeping up with your siding is important. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type. However, there are a couple of main and most common types:

      • Wood

      • Metal

      • Cement

      • Vinyl

    Things to Consider When Choosing Siding

    When you officially decide to replace your siding, there are a couple of things to consider:

        • Your budget

        • The siding style and type

        • Whether the style you select offers energy-saving benefits

        • The lifespan of selected siding

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